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How to treat cat wounds naturally

Home remedies for cats work well in the treatment of minor wounds. If your cat is seriously injured it is best to consult a vet. Cats sometimes get minor cuts, abrasions and scrapes, especially those that live outside a lot. Most of these injuries heal fairly quickly on their own. However, the immediate pain, discomfort and swelling can be unpleasant for your cat and there may also be risk of infection. It is therefore important to care for these wounds appropriately.

Cat wounds are often treated with antibiotics, taken internally or applied as a cream to the skin, or topical corticosteroid creams. While these can be effective in the short term, they may also compromise your cat’s health by affecting the immune system. Topical creams are also often licked off and can contain substances that may not be good for your cat to ingest. With home remedies for cats with wounds you can treat your cat effectively without the side effects.

Wound cleaning

Assess the wound. If there is no bleeding and only minor visible damage leave the wound alone. Cats can treat minor wounds themselves.

Otherwise clean superficial lacerations, scratches or cuts with sterile saline and clip away any matted fur. Dissolve two teaspoons of Epsom salts in warm water and soak some gauze pads in the solution. If the wound bleeds stop the bleeding first with direct pressure, using a cotton ball or gauze. Cold compresses can also be used to control bleeding and reduce swelling. Place crushed ice in a small plastic bag and wrap it in a small towel. Place the compress gently on the wound and hold in place for five minutes.

Aloe vera and honey are natural disinfectants. Use the juice of an aloe vera leaf to disinfect the wound or apply some honey with a cotton swab. Both are non-toxic if your cat licks the wound.

Herbal remedies

Minor wounds can be treated with herbs know for their ability to reduce pain, lessen swelling and help the healing process. Some excellent pain relief herbs such as plantain and comfrey just grow by the wayside. Cover the wound with clean, fresh green plaintain or comfrey leaves and secure with a bandage moistened with cold water. Change daily.

You can also buy natural remedies for pain relief.

Dietary supplements containing zinc will support the wound healing process. You can get themĀ  in pet supply stores.

The above home remedies for cats with wounds will bring quick relief and heal your cat’s injuries.



7 Responses to “Home Remedies For Cats With Minor Wounds”

  1. Susan Kowalczyk Says:

    Good ‘ole Hydrogen Peroxide heals super fast & even used in the eyes for colds. It’s remedied several cats thru several generations, some living to 17 yrs old.

  2. pamela price Says:

    have a cat hit by a weed wacker on front leg. have cleaned it with 50 water/50 hydrogen peronide. been putting Granulex v x once and then the aerol bandage Alushied anything that might promote healing better. we have put a shield on her also

  3. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    What I did when one of my cats had an open wound was to place some fresh, clean ribwort plaintain leaves (which grow by the wayside) on the wound and bandaged it. It worked really well and the wound closed nicely within a few days. Comfrey can also be used for this purpose. Any bandage should be changed daily.

  4. Julie Blais Says:

    I am inquiring for my 16yrs old kitty. She has been healthy her whole life and the only vet trip has been to get her fixed and get her shots.
    She recently has developped abit of a bump under her chin and lower side lip. It seems to be going down but wanted to know if there is anything that I can give her as an anti-inflammatory for her and to help the mild swelling? I think it might have been because she was drinking bottled water and changed the water and it seems ok now but the lump is still there. It doesn’t seem to be hurting her though but was 3 days ago when
    it was MORE swollen. Please advise:)

  5. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    You could try to give your cat a bit of ginger as an anti-inflammatory, no more than a pinch, mixed in food or drinking liquid.

  6. Blayz smith Says:

    My two-year old domestic shorthair, Tuxedo, is a stray we took into our home. He has been here for about a year and goes outside about five times a week. lately I discovered an animal bite on the left side of his chest. I have know idea how long its been there or from what animal it was delivered. I found this website very useful but i’m still not sure weather this works or not but hope it helps my kitty. I was wondering if it would be ok to clean the wound with peroxide or if I could just put honey on it. Feedback would be delightful. Thank you and I would give you five stars :)

  7. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    Some people swear by hydrogen peroxide and have achieved good results. Medical opinion however advises against its use for wound cleaning as it can harm the tissue and delay healing. In the end it’s your decision. In my view the best way to clean a minor wound is with cool running water and mild soap. Honey, particularly medical grade honey, is an alternative.

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