Herbal Remedies For Cats With Urinary Tract Infection

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Natural treatments for urinary tract infections

Diseases of the lower urinary tract occur frequently in cats. They affect the bladder and/or the urethra, i.e. the tube through which the urine flows to the outside of the body. Infections manifest themselves as urinary stones and urethral plugs and create ailments such cystitis and urethral obstruction or blocked bladder.

Conventional treatment is usually with antibiotics. They are however inferior to natural remedies as they just suppress symptoms and do not address the root cause that led to the symptoms in the first place. This is important. Most people believe antibiotics to be a cure, but they are not. More important still, as they do not cure, using antibiotics does not eliminate any reoccurence of the infection.

Herbal remedies for UTI

Herbal remedies for cats heal the cause of the urinary tract infection at the cellular level. They can also be used for preventative care.

Four herbs – chamomile, common club moss, golden rod and stinging nettle – are particularly useful herbal remedies for cats for treating urinary tract problems the natural way.

A chamomile flower infusion is a tonic for urinary tract problems. Cystitis and other bladder problems can be treated by a compress soaked in the infusion and applied to the side of the bladder or by poultices of fresh chamomile ointment similarly applied. They have to be warm and kept warm.

A tisane of the evergreen herb common club moss gives impressive results in combating urinary tract disorders. A poultice and one or two herbal bath using common club moss will also bring relief and healing from cystitis, gravel in the bladder and blocked bladder.

The flowers and the leaves of golden rod make an excellent remedy for urinary tract and bladder ailments. It brings swift relief to cats suffering from blocked bladder or cystitis.

Stinging nettle sweeps away disorders,discomfort and infections of the urinary tract and releases suppressed urine. Use as a tisane, infusion, poultice or compress.

Home remedies

Barley water is an excellent for cystitis. The condition is usually due to bladder stones, bladder gravel and stagnation of urine. Barley water will help to dissolve bladder stones and gravel, stop the formation of concentrated urine and cleanse the urinary tract infection.

To make barley water boil two tablespoons of pearl barley in a little water for a few minutes. Strain and add two litres of boiling water. Boil down to half and add some honey and 250ml of grape juice. Give four dropperfuls daily.

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8 Responses to “Herbal Remedies For Cats With Urinary Tract Infection”

  1. Pat Weldon Says:

    Exactly what is a dropperful?

  2. Connie Ellis Says:

    I have a male cat, that has been drinking a lot of water and He has been peeing outside the box, which he has never done before. There is NO blood in the urine. But He also look like he doesn’t feel good. Should I treat him for a uti? Or what is your suggestion?

  3. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    I would recommend taking him to a vet and having him properly diagnosed before you think about any treatment. There are other underlying problems that may cause cats to drink a lot and which may also account for strange behaviour. Once you know for sure what the problem is, you can consider the various treatment options open to you.

  4. Janet Foster Says:

    I gather that I will need to place an eyedropper in our dear cat’s mouth and she will swallow the tisane that I drip into her mouth? I’ve been giving her the prescribed antibiotic, and I’ll finish it, but it won’t help long-term. She has been asking for a sip of chamomile tea recently.

  5. Gloria Hudgins Says:

    In recipe for Barley water for treatment for UTI in cats is it safe to use grape juice or would unsweetened cranberry juice be safer?

  6. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    Yes it is safe to use grape juice. Red grape juice is best. This is similar in effect to cranberry juice. As for cranberry juice itself, you might be better off using cranberry extract. This may help to deduce the pH of urine and decrease the attachment of bacteria to the bladder wall. It comes in a powder form and can be sprinkled on the food.


    cats cant have grape juice so why is it added to the barley water?

  8. Home Remedies For Cats Says:

    Grapes (as fruit) are not good for cats, however, grape juice has been used for medicinal purposes. The barley water recipe is from a cat herbal, but if you are worried then leave out the grape juice.

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