Home Remedies for Cats with Allergies

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Types of cat allergies

Allergies occur when your cat’s immune system reacts to a particular irritant that it has been exposed to. Allergies are very frustrating and distressing for cats and manifest themselves in scratching, biting or chewing the affected area.  Home remedies for cats with allergies will help you manage the condition.

There are various types of cat skin allergies. Food allergies are caused by certain food sources or ingredients in commercial pet foods. Inhaling substances such as tree, grass and weed pollens, mould, mildew, smoke, dust or dander can cause atopic allergies. Contact allergies can develop when your cat comes into contact with a particular substance such as flea collars, fabrics, plastic, insecticides, pesticides or rubber. Parasite such as fleas and heartworm can also cause allergic reactions.


The treatment will depend on the type of allergy. If you know what causes the allergy, avoidance is very important. Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can be used to address allergies in the short term and in the long-term.

If your cat suffers from food allergy, feed an all natural diet without preservatives, additives or colourants. Introduce new foods slowly and monitor what effect they have on your cat. Avoid feeding your cat table scraps, sugary or salty foods.

Atopic allergies are caused by something that your cat inhales such as tree, grass and weed pollens, mold, mildew, smoke, dust or dander. Avoid exposing your cat  to irritants such as pollen, smoke, household detergents, fertilizer or pesticides. Vacuum carpets and dust furniture regularly to ease respiratory allergies.

Contact allergies are caused when your catt comes into contact with a particular substance such as flea collars, fabrics, plastic, insecticides, pesticides or rubber. Use stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls instead of plastic which may cause an allergic reaction.

Parasite allergies are caused by fleas, heartworm, bee sting anaphylaxis.

Homoeopathic remedies

Home remedies can provide effective relief from allergy symptoms. A combination of homoeopathic  ingredients such as arum triph, viola tri, comocladia, chamomilla and cina helps to alleviate  itchiness, scratching, redness and burning of the skin. One such remedy is Allergy Itch Ease from PetAlive which relieves relieves skin allergies and itch.

Biochemic tissue salts also have wonderful homeopathic benefits – Mag. Phos, Kali. mur, Arsen. Alb, and Graphites gently support your cat’s body and help to decongest airways, decrease swollen eyes and help stop sneezing.

Herbal remedies

Herbal home remedies for cats are very beneficial for symptom control. Give a dropperful of a stinging nettle tisane, four times daily for 12 weeks. Add ½ a teaspoon of honey and ½ a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the morning and evening doses.

Feed small amounts of raw, grated garlic every day. A couple of feverfew leaves, finely shredded and mixed into food will also help.

Elecampane has been used for centuries to treat coughs and asthma, often side effects of an allergic reaction. Marshmallow helps to reduce all types of inflammation, while cleavers is used as a cleansing tonic to assist in the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as allergic dermatitis.

To alleviate itchiness, soak the cat’s fur in a solution of stinging nettle, chamomile and lavender tisane. Let the water cool down. Warm water will worsen the irritation. If your cat does not like being submerged into water, sponge the fur from a bowl. Groom your cat well after treatment and keep it indoors to allow the fur to dry naturally.

Although allergies cannot be cured, they can be managed and controlled with home remedies for cats. Simple measures such as bathing your cat, using a natural flea repellent or avoiding exposure to irritants can make a significant difference.