Home Remedies for Cats is for all of you who want to treat common cat health problems with natural and home remedies. My name is Monika Ruthe. I am a complementary therapist and have sucessfully been using home remedies to treat my cats for the last 16 years.

On this site you will discover the best natural and home remedies for cats, many of which I have personally used and tested, and find plenty of advice and guidance on:

  • which ailments can be effectively treated with home remedies
  • the best home remedies to treat specific conditions
  • how to make your own remedies
  • ingredients for making your own remedies and where to find them
  • natural remedies for cats you can buy

and much, much more that will help you to treat your cat effectively with home remedies.

And if you know of other excellent home remedies for cats, please leave a comment at the bottom of the most relevant post.