Home Remedies For Cats With Worms

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Natural treatment for worms in cats

There are several types of worms which can cause your cat problems. The most common ones are tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. Home remedies for cats with worms are a gentle alternative to the many chemical worm treatments on the market.

Ready-made natural remedies

If making your own worm remedies is too much for you, there are home remedies for cats with worms you can buy. Here is a small selection that works well:

Parasite Dr from PetAlive is 100% natural herbal cat wormer for giardia, tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. It comes in capsules which can be crushed and mixed with wet food. Give 1/2 capsule twice daily for two or three weeks.

Holistic Blend Natural Wormer contains betel nut, polporus mylittae, pumpkin seed, garlic, wormwood, rhizoma rhei, mint leaf, clove, green hull black walnut and cellulase. It expels tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms from your cat’s system.

Diatomaceous earth contains the fossilised remains of prehistoric algae. The fine particles in the earth cut through the exoskeletons of the worms resulting in dehydration and the worms will usually die within a few hours. It is safe for internal use in pets. Add up to one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth to each meal for two weeks. Make sure that you use the unrefined type.

Homoeopathic remedies

Homoeopathic dewormers don’t act directly on the worms but attempt to balance out different elements of your cat’s immune system and prevent future infestations.

HomeoPet Wrm Clear is a homoeopathic wormer for the elimination of round, hook and tape worms. It requires no food withdrawal and contains cina, which is effective in getting rid of roundworms, and nux vomica and arsenicum album for alleviating symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting. Administer three times daily for two weeks.

These remedies can be used for various types of worms. For more specific treatments of tapeworms and roundworms read the articles on Home Remedies for Cats with Tapeworms and Home Remedies for Cats with Roundworms.



Home Remedies For Cats With Roundworms

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Natural remedies for roundworms

Home remedies for cats are a gentler and also more affordable way of getting rid of roundworms than most chemical worming products. These are very effective but may be harmful to your cat in the long-term. Continual use may also weaken your cat’s immune system.

Herbal remedies

To treat roundworms naturally, put your cat on a fast for two days (one day for kittens) before you commence the treatment. During that time feed two dropperfuls of apple cider vinegar mixed in water. Only add a few drops of vinegar to the water. In the evening of the second day, give one tablespoon of castor oil (half for a kitten).

The following morning, give four crushed garlic pills mixed with finely chopped wild garlic leaves and pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, combine two parts of pumpkin seeds with one part of garlic powder, one part of fennel seeds and one part ofyucca root.  After half an hour give another dose of castor oil. 30 minutes later, feed 50ml of a warm, very runny soup of milk, slippery elm, oats and honey. Feed three of these meals during the day, for three days. Continue with the garlic pills for two weeks but only feed two pills from day two onwards.

Throughout the three days also give three dropperfuls of a marigold tisane, four times a day. To prepare the tea, infuse two tablespoons of fresh or dried marigold flowers for one minute in 200ml of boiling water. Continue for two weeks. After three days of a semi-liquid diet your cat can be fed normal food again, but include a teaspoon of grated carrots and garlic for two months.

Suitable ready-made herbal remedies include Parasite Dr from PetAlive.  This is a herbal remedy specially formulated to promote digestive health. It also supports healthy waste elimination. It comes in capsules or as a spray and is very easy to administer. A treatment course will last three weeks.

Other useful herbs

Wormwood extract can be given in your cat’s food two to three times a day. Continue the treatment for three weeks.

Slippery elm is a soothing herb that helps to heal an irritated digestive tract. Give daily until the worms are gone. The above home remedies for cats with roundworms will effectively clear worm infestions in you cat in a gentle way.

For specific remedies to treat tapeworms read the article on Home Remedies for Cats with Tapeworms.